Approximately 80% of all disease with the word syndrome or incurable attached to it have a spiritual / soul root as the cause. Many of the latest advances in modern medicine are showing a direct connection of body, soul & spirit. If you or a loved have been dealing with health issues whether deadly, debilitating or just annoying, come listen and see how these connections may be affecting you. Over 1000 people have taken this class and have had major changes in their lives – and you can too.

If you have tried allopathic (normal) medicine, natural medicine, diets, eastern medicine or even prayer – you name it and haven’t had the results you know God’s Word promises, we encourage you to attend the class.

Some Topics Covered

  • foundations for healing
  • origin of disease
  • your thoughts & your enemy
  • pathophysiology of disease
  • mental – mechanical – chemical connections
  • entry points for attack
  • dealing with rejection
  • forgiving without faking it
  • the enemy of your mind


  • cancers, endometriosis & ovarian cysts
  • digestive disorders, celiac / gluten intolerance
  • hypo / hypertension & angina / identity disorders
  • migraines, panic attacks & depression
  • diabetes, arthritis, atherosclerosis & chronic fatigue
  • fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis & lupus / sciatica & degenerative disc
  • alzheimer’s, acne & skin disorders / learning disorders & autism
  • allergies & chemical sensitivities / hashimoto’s & grave’s disease
  • lyme’s disease & addictions, candidiasis & more


We have two class types to choose from. They are both the same in content and sessions just timed differently. Our 13 Week Lifegroup class meets on Wednesday nights from 7-8:30p. This is available starting every January and September and fills quickly. The second option is the 3 Day Express which happens throughout the year usually once every other month. We begin on a Friday at 6pm and then have two meetings on Saturday and Sunday from 9a-6:30p.



This class includes a folder with all the needed notes to follow along, contact options via email or phone with the class instructors to ask questions during the 13 weeks or after the 3 Day Express. You will also be given access to the video / audio recordings from the class on this website to help you brush up on the class material. Bring a pen and notebook to take notes.

You must fully register for the class which includes a registration fee – all handled online. If you miss too many sessions you will be dismissed from your spot as the teaching is progressive. Please use the link below to read the registration instructions and view the class schedule.

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