About Aaron Weinzierl

Aaron is married to Melanie & has 4 children. He grew up in a pastor's home & has been involved in the church his whole life. After years of dealing with allergies he finally found an answer. This organization was birthed out of his relentless search for health.

When Storms Come

When Storms Come in life you have two, noninterchangeable actions that must be used if you are going to successfully navigate out of a storm...media below No one enjoys the storms of life - the bible is very clear that storms will come - its been said that to pray that you would never experience another storm would be to pray that you would just die. Now this isn't something people want to shout about [...]

Stop the Cycle

  Stop the Cycle Series July 31 at 7p  |  Aug 3 at 6p, Aug 4 at 9&11a  |  Aug 7 at 7p Life seems like a big huge mess of seemingly random happenings. You may find yourself at a calm point in life—or maybe things are a hair away from disaster. Whatever the case may be, the sooner you find out the truth the sooner you will see changes. The only way to [...]

Spirit’s Role to Blessing & Curses

Spirit's Role to Blessing or the Curse it is important in your life to realize that things happen for a reason - some people see life as random string of events happening in a vacuum - the truth is that things do happen for a reason. we have choices and decisions that can interrupt the course of our lives - but have you ever felt that there was something else, something beyond what you can [...]

Proverbs 17:1 NLT

better a dry crust eaten in peace than a house filled with feasting and conflict

There is Help!

since we began this class we've seen over 250 (450 by 12-2013) people come thru - they come because they are curious, desperate and interested to know that there may be an answer for the disease, sickness, chronic ailment or syndrome that they are dealing with. It has been so neat for our team to see this happen over and over again - people come in one way and leave completely different, filled with hope [...]

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