About Aaron Weinzierl

Aaron is married to Melanie & has 4 children. He grew up in a pastor's home & has been involved in the church his whole life. After years of dealing with allergies he finally found an answer. This organization was birthed out of his relentless search for health.

The Marrow

The Marrow One of the most fascinating things for me in scripture is when something written thousands of years ago says exactly what has  beenproven over the recent decades - the state of your inner-self affects your physical body. Pastor Aaron will take you on a journey looking at the complex human being and show the love the Father has for not only our spirit and soul but also our bodies. Your body, in a [...]

Jan 3DayExp 2013

September of 2012 we officially launched this organization with our flagship class – right now it doesn’t have a name other than General Sessions – eventually it will need to have a name as we branch out into other areas to offer. we learned a lot from that first class and had some great success – we found that 13 classes would be the sweet spot – balancing time for teaching and […]

Merry Christmas!

  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Melanie & I would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year and also to thank you for standing with us during these last few months of the kick-off of this ministry and organization. So much has happened since September that it almost feels fake. We have literally heard testimony after testimony of physical healing, mental peace, clarity and an overall [...]

Planning to Worry

Planning to Worry I'm not a major planner so I don't identify with this. Have you ever known someone that has a schedule, a binder, a schedule to look at their schedule, a todo list? Some people have complete systems of organization . I once spent some time reading up on the 'Getting Things Done' system. It seemed highly effective and a great way to keep things in their place for staying on task. What happens [...]

Offended and Empowered

Some Are Offended – Others Empowered When you speak to groups of people you usually get feedback in the form of questions, comments or facial expressions. This can be good especially the negative feedback because it helps to locate the audience – what questions they have and what I may understand but take for granted that they don’t understand. A while ago I gave the weekend message at Grace on the subject of communion called “Death & Life in Communion”. We focused on what it meant to not discern communion and that many were sick […]

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