Happy Holidays 2015

Merry Christmas! Jesus came to save humanity not just get us to heaven. The Gospel is summed up in His name, Emanuel—God With Us. Turn off Fox News & go buy a single mom some groceries. Quit reading your huge bible in the lunchroom and invite the atheist out for drinks

There is Help!

since we began this class we've seen over 250 (450 by 12-2013) people come thru - they come because they are curious, desperate and interested to know that there may be an answer for the disease, sickness, chronic ailment or syndrome that they are dealing with. It has been so neat for our team to see this happen over and over again - people come in one way and leave completely different, filled with hope [...]

Merry Christmas!

  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Melanie & I would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year and also to thank you for standing with us during these last few months of the kick-off of this ministry and organization. So much has happened since September that it almost feels fake. We have literally heard testimony after testimony of physical healing, mental peace, clarity and an overall [...]

Planning to Worry

Planning to Worry I'm not a major planner so I don't identify with this. Have you ever known someone that has a schedule, a binder, a schedule to look at their schedule, a todo list? Some people have complete systems of organization . I once spent some time reading up on the 'Getting Things Done' system. It seemed highly effective and a great way to keep things in their place for staying on task. What happens [...]

be challenged

Can you be challenged in your beliefs? what if I say something you don't understand or it seems harsh? are you more interested in keeping your ideas and ways of thinking than actually becoming whole? If I tell you that you are sick because of something you can control does that make you feel empowered or insulted? what if I tell you that what you've been thinking was faith is actually fear? what will happen when [...]

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