Happy Holidays 2015

Merry Christmas! Jesus came to save humanity not just get us to heaven. The Gospel is summed up in His name, Emanuel—God With Us. Turn off Fox News & go buy a single mom some groceries. Quit reading your huge bible in the lunchroom and invite the atheist out for drinks

Proverbs 17:1 NLT

better a dry crust eaten in peace than a house filled with feasting and conflict

Early Days of Facebook

We just wanted to take some time today on the last day in November to say thank you to everyone that has helped this organization get off the ground and to an amazing start. in just 6 weeks we’ve gone from 143 subscribers to just under 400! we are excited about what’s coming in the future! there are also now over 100 active accounts on the website getWhole.org! we are wrapping up our very first semester of our class and have had an excellent time. so many people have been set free and […]

january registration open

our general registration has opened for our classes that begin this January. I can’t believe we only have 3 sessions left from our very first class series that started in September 2012. once we have time to catch our breath we hope to get a page generated with testimonies – there were actual healings and changes in people’s lives just within the first couple classes! Our primary goal for this class isn’t […]


Preregistration has officially closed – check back here Wednesday, November 21 around 8:30pm for a post with instructions on registering for our upcoming classes. The dates have been released – our Winter Wednesday class called 13 Week Lifegroup will begin January 30 at 7p and our new class option is the same exact class but will take place […]

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