Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Melanie & I would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year and also to thank you for standing with us during these last few months of the kick-off of this ministry and organization. So much has happened since September that it almost feels fake. We have literally heard testimony after testimony of physical healing, mental peace, clarity and an overall new outlook on life – that it’s almost overwhelming.

The other night while we were driving home from a family event, Melanie turned and said, “I feel likethis is the best Christmas we’ve ever had. I have so much peace in my life it feels surreal. Our kids are at peace, our marriage is at peace, I’m not stressed out and our home is calm & healthy.” I couldn’t agree more. The amazing thing is that not much has changed – we are simply living out the very lessons and teaching that this organization represents.

Peace, Peace – and There is No Peace

I thank God for not allowing us to simply accept things – there’s so much in the Bible that outlines the peace, health and even wealth for the believer – but so many of us fall into the rut of thinking the way things are, are just the way things have to be. when you see something promised but you don’t see it in your life its your job to ask why. so many people on this earth live with fatalism as their god – whatever will be, will be. that’s completely unscriptural – the Bible contains over 2,000 ‘if-then’ statements. that means if you do this then you get this. when God gives a promise, that means its His will – but there’s always God’s side and man’s side to the equation.

Back in the time of Jeremiah the prophet, he talks about how God’s people were living completely contrary to God’s ways. they were in sin, doing whatever they wanted and felt no guilt and had no remorse – they rejected His laws and ways to think, speak and act. the ministers of this time must not have known what to do about it either – they did their best ‘healing the hurt slightly and acting like there was peace.

Jeremiah 6:14
They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.

The truth was that there was NO peace! Do you want peace – like for real peace – or would you rather go around and proclaim peace but have no outward proof. Christians should be the best looking, brightest and best representatives on this earth for God. you say, ‘wait did he just say best looking?’ – that’s not very nice, some people are just born not looking very nice. I just so happened to be reading a piece last night about attractiveness. Yes, we are born with the basic structures and our looks as passed down thru the family. but did you know that when you feel right about yourself and are at peace, the hormones of estrogen for women and testosterone for men are released more abundantly. did you know that over time your facial features can actually improve and make you more attractive? it also went on to say that in tests where they flashed pictures of people with just part of their facial skin showing for tenths of a second – people were able to tell if they were attractive or not. guess what their eyes were picking up on – its called the halo effect on skin. a person that is at peace has a glow on their skin that our minds can read in people within tenths of a second – so yes, someone that is at peace especially with God will look good

and On Earth Peace

Jesus said during his last parts of human life that He was going to leave His peace for us – and not the kind of peace the world has to offer – theirs is based on outward circumstances.

John 14:27
Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

you may hear Melanie’s words ‘this is the best Christmas ever…I have so much peace’ and think, ‘well that’s just the point you are at in your life or for whatever reason things are just going well for you right now.’ The truth is that I could share with you a handful of major life events that have happened just in the last half of this year that should make this the worst season and year yet. I won’t share these things with you but in the coming years I will in the right timing – right now its too fresh. But lets just say if we weren’t practicing the very things we teach we would be a complete mess. but instead of accepting the enemy’s way of thinking, speaking and acting we have chosen the life of peace. you can have peace while the whole world around you is twirling in upheaval and catastrophe.

peace is so much more than just feeling good or being happy – the state of being at peace is a choice and it brings physical changes. if you are sick and have a disease most likely you are not at peace. the medical world calls peace in your body homeostasis – that means a given area is balanced or at peace. when the body goes for different amounts of time and just can’t stay balanced, you have disease – you can put whatever name on it to help you organize it in a manual for reference but it all comes down to the same issue. did you know that a body in balance manufactures chemicals that fill in the receptor sites of your immunity cells that HIV tries to attach to? did you know that a body in balance destroys cancer cells that are in every living human being on the spot? did you know that autoimmune diseases primarily affect women that are striving, have been hurt by a man such as their father or husband? did you know that being concerned about your children’s future is sin? sorry, I keep getting off the subject of a Merry Christmas

well over the last few months we have a few neat things to share – all is not perfect – we aren’t living heaven on earth as Jesus taught us to pray but we have made some good tangible progress. I would estimate that the allergies I deal with are 70-80% gone – you may not know my issue with allergies but they are the year long type – pollen, mold, weeds and ragweed, dust and cats – well guess what, since we started the class we went thru the ragweed season, mold season – which for me goes all winter long with frost and thaws, dust is all the time and we’ve had a cat for 2 months. I am now saving $250 a month on Astelin and Nasonex. Melanie had some painful lumps clear that would flare up when she was angry with me – they’ve only shown up once a while back when she was mad at me. For years she took 3 Ibuprofens and a decongestant around 2pm daily – hasn’t in months. And we are for the first time in 3 years saving $350 a month from October thru the winter and spring because one of our kids ‘magically’ doesn’t need Pulmicort or Singulair or Allegra for allergy / asthma. some people have heard our teaching which speaks of consequences and responsibility on people that doesn’t fit disease and syndromes of new born babies or children – they aren’t old enough to even understand. the scary thing or neat thing depending on your choices is that as a parent or guardian your stuff trickles down automatically and almost magically on your kids.

Glory to God in the Highest

this is truly the season to thank our Father God for sending is Son in human form – down to this earth to make it possible for man, in this sinful world to be able to chose Him completely and reap the benefits of the life God intended from the very beginning. its not automatic – it takes work on your part – the writer of Hebrews says “labor to enter into rest” that word labor simply means to go after it speedily – you have to choose to go after this – you may need to fight for your life – but its worth fighting for. Jesus came here to show us the nature of the Father – He loves us and knows exactly what makes our minds work, our bodies work and He’s given us instructions from the very beginning. I’m thankful for that at this time of year!

Merry Christmas and Be Whole ~ spirit, soul & body
Aaron and Melanie Weinzierl – Christmas 2012

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