The Weekend Event has been popular for people of all ages & is sustained completely by word-of-mouth recommendations.  We begin on a Friday evening, continue on Saturday and finish on Sunday at 6pm. You must fully register with a completed payment to attend – partial registers are deleted within 2 weeks. Assistance is available. If you are interested in getting on our mailing list to keep updated please use this link: email subscribe

At registration you received a welcome email and an invoice to print and bring to your first class at check-in. If you didn’t get the email please check your Spam folder.

It is important that you attend each session and be open to challenge what you believe. Your enemy’s goal is to keep you bound in ways you may not even realize — that’s his best tactic! We desire to see you set free, healed and whole — living the life you were created you to live!

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Class Specifics

  • Be prepared if you like, to take notes. There is too much information to write everything down but certain things will stick out. You can jot them down to look at later but don’t get bogged down with everything we are teaching you.
  • This class is very systematic and presented in order – you won’t want to miss even one session.
  • Keep your reasons for attending private — you are here for you, not anyone else. You may share something with someone in the emotion of the moment that you regret later on. You should only speak privately with our caring, committed Get Whole staff.
  • Be in your seat before class starts — we always start on time!
  • ABSENCE: if you are going to miss a class please email us thru the contact formYou are only allowed to miss 2 sessions during the weekend.
  • At Class 09 if you have missed more than 2 weeks you will be excused from the class
  • Sharing of recorded media in any way will result in immediate dismissal & also violates the signed contract agreement.
  • To access class media you will need a site username. If you purchased your ticket you already have an account and it will be activated automatically for media once the weekend is complete. If you were a secondary ticket you will need to register manually. Please use your real name & email that we have on file. [/checklist]

Before Class

Review-Sheet-ExampleFor the first class you must fill out and sign the Class Review Form. This form will be ready for you at check-in so don’t worry if you can’t print it now.

We will have coffee and some basic snacks available during breaks. Make sure you either paid for the lunch option at checkout or please bring a lunch.

You will receive a folder packet to follow along — bring a pen and paper for notes.

Helpful Links:  Get Up to Speed  |  Review Sheet