Our Beliefs

This organization operates within a Christian church. Understand that it is not our goal to convert anyone to Christianity. We simply ask that you be open to what the class presents. People ask, ‘do you have to be a Christian or read the Bible to attend?’ My simple answer to both those questions are nope! You can be Muslim, new age, no religion or anything in between as long as you are open to learning. We aren’t interested in debating with anyone – we are simply here to teach what we believe with the goal of helping humanity. We believe that should you chose to take some of the things shown and apply them to your life you will be met by your Creator with health & freedom. We believe in God as the supreme creator of all things and that He knows exactly what you need to be whole!

The following information is supplemental to this class

There are two keys that you should be aware of:

1 – that the Old Testament is there for our instruction in the New Covenant that we now live.

2 – you must have an understanding of God’s ability and will for you to be healed 100% of the time.

Some think that Jesus came and did away with everything in the Old Testament. They like to say they are free from the curse – as if to say the OT was a curse. When our lives are dressed up with the curse of sickness, disease and poverty its obvious that something is not working.

We are here to see people set free and to be free you need to be honest and open.


There are some things we can only touch on lightly. You are encouraged to be familiar with Aaron’s message series The Dichotomy – understanding the role of the law and righteousness in the believer’s life. This will help you understand the importance of obedience in receiving the things God has for you.




Its important that you have a foundation of God’s ability & willingness to heal. The basic premise is that not one person that came to Jesus for healing was ever told no. Jesus said He came to reveal the will of the Father. So to put it simply, its always God’s will to heal. As a part of God’s original creation our bodies were made to heal. This is the natural system He created. Here is the link for God’s Will to Heal



Baptism-of-the-Holy-SpiritThe work of the Holy Spirit can be divided into two separate works: the indwelling that comes with salvation and the infilling or baptism that comes when you receive Him. Accepting the second work is not needed for salvation nor is it mandatory to receive healing in your life. If you are interested, listen to this messages with an open heart. You may have been raised to believe different things – it doesn’t matter be open! God is doing a work in you that will change you and the lives of your family and people around you! Baptism of the Holy Spirit


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