Your Creator Wants You Whole

In the United States half of the adults have a chronic disease. That’s 117 million people. One in four adults have two or more diseases. Chronic disease accounts for seven out of ten deaths in America. These statistics include people that love God and believe He provides healing: physically, mentally and emotionally. These stats are both sobering and troublesome to me.

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I grew up in a church that taught it was never God’s purpose or will for humanity to be diseased. I knew all the scriptures that said healing was part of what Jesus came to bring in His death, burial and resurrection. Knowing God’s word on healing and even believing it wasn’t helping me out in my chronic allergic state. There had to be something more.

Out of this search for answers was birthed a class we now offer called Course 1 by Get Whole. We take a weekend and teach through 20 lessons in just over twenty hours. Over one thousand people have come through in the last couple years and we’ve seen great success.

In this series we will introduce some class highlights.

  • God doesn’t break us up into spirit, soul and body as if He cared about one more than the other.
  • He cares about our body just as much as our spirits. He cares about our soul as well.
  • You were created in His image and He never took that back even after the fall of man.
  • Who’s at fault for our sickness? Is it God? the enemy? or could someone else be involved?
  • What did Jesus teach while He walked the earth? Why were so many healed and set free?

Above is the video for part one of this series and below is the audio and part two.

Your Creator Wants You Whole Part 2


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Aaron is married to Melanie & has 4 children. He grew up in a pastor's home & has been involved in the church his whole life. After years of dealing with allergies he finally found an answer. This organization was birthed out of his relentless search for health.

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