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God’s Plan For Your Life

God loves you & has a plan for your life

this is a phrase you hear a lot thru the Christian circles – I’ve heard it, I’ve said it and it needs to be challenged. I was listening to a talk by William Pratney that gave me new clarity & perspective. the idea that ‘God has a plan for your life’ – in other words there is a perfect plan set ahead of time is wrong how many young adults do you know that drank the syrup idea of God’s wonderful plan for their life only to venture out, fail and see the ‘plan’ drift way? there is a problem with this idea of a ‘plan’ I remember kids having words spoken over them that included so much hope – the great future that God had for them – even some Spirit inspired words – the idea that their life would affect the lives of others, etc etc. Hope is an important part of moving toward our future, but when we don’t see the things spoken we get sick – sometimes literally. Proverbs 13:22 Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.

Science & God

hundreds of years ago Sir Isaac Newton described laws of physics that govern the world we live in. this was a major shift in current science and thinking. for something to be a law it has to be consistent. for example, gravity works the same for men and women whether in China or the US – its a law, period. Christianity is a little late on certain things. we talk about God having a plan for the life of a human and we apply old Newtonian thinking – in other words its a law. God has a plan and its set ahead of time. an example of this can be seen in the idea that God has a specific person for you to marry. you get along with this person and are attracted to them – you have the same dreams for your future and serve God. But then as time goes by they slip away, change and live completely contrary to truth – now what? was God’s plan wrong? some religious people will say – well that just wasn’t God’s plan to begin with. I disagree – they may have been a person for you at one time. Pratney says, “the chosen person turns out to be not so choice after all”

Chaos Not a Plan

would you be surprised to know the bible doesn’t once mention God having a Plan for you? there isn’t even a Hebrew word for what we think of as a plan. I didn’t say God doesn’t have a purpose or an attainable goal for your life – I said he doesn’t have a plan for your life. look at the definition of the word plan: a scheme or method of acting, doing, proceeding, making, etc., developed in advance a Plan is a finished map – not something still being written – your life is dynamic not static in the last few decades science has found a new ‘law’ – its actually like a non-law – but it can be observed. its called Chaos Theory. chaos can be predicted to be present but the outcome can not be predicted. so here in science we went from predicted outcomes (newtonian) to observable chaos – are you seeing a connection? Double-compound-pendulum God gave us a reality to live in that is governed by laws and Newton just happened to observe them. these unchanging laws allow us to walk down the street and not randomly slip for 25 yards or start floating away in mid stride. we have friction and gravity – both measurable and observable. Chaos comes when free will is present. You may say, “God has a plan and I can just choose to not walk in it but there’s still a plan.” Ok well then what about when you choose to walk in this ‘plan’ but other people make decisions that completely derail you and make following it impossible. Look carefully at Ephesians 2:10 and notice the irony:

Ephesians 2:10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

you are His workmanship – created for good works (a purpose, not a plan) but then is qualified by potential chaos saying “that we SHOULD walk in them – so what God prepared beforehand was your purpose. Also this verse:

Proverbs 16:9 The mind of man plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps.

Anyone that goes into life, especially as an idealistic youth, with the idea that there is a set plan to follow, a static route, a plan prepared by God will have some serious challenges when chaos begins to show up. they will either lose hope and turn away or play religious mind games lying to themselves and become numb or hardened. but notice Proverbs above – it says the Lord directs your steps – steps are simply little actions to take you toward your purpose

Adam & Eve – Plan or Purpose?

I’m not saying God didn’t know ahead of time what would happen in our lives – that’s one of those mysteries that can be shown in the perplexing question, “can God create a rock that is too heavy for Himself to lift?” When God created Adam and Eve He created them perfect – without sin. If God had a plan for them like some people think He has for us today it would be clearly seen in His command for them. He told them soon after they were created to be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth and subdue it. That was His ‘Plan’ but notice God’s ability to roll with life, change and move according to the chaos brought by free will. You can see that free will is the part of life that brings chaos. you can also see that God had a purpose and goal for humanity – and He never changed it. He ended up flooding the earth and when Noah got off the boat with his family he communicated the same purpose he had to Adam – multiply & subdue the earth. God’s purpose for humans has never changed since the beginning. If God had a set plan with Adam and Eve the way we think He has a set plan for us then He either would have had to scrap the whole deal when they messed up or He was not being genuine with the instructions he gave them – clearly they went off ‘plan’ He had a goal for them but the ‘plan’ was ever changing and fluctuating based on chaos

Chaos Doesn’t Ruin You

how many people thought ‘God had a plan’ for them only to have their life derailed by a decision or random occurrence out of their control? Does this sugar, syrup phrase do more harm than good? any error, even mixed with some truth is still error. In Class 13 Occultism we teach that your enemy is happy to give you 95% truth with 5% error – even scripture as long as he can keep you from the actual truth. my son William, along with his friend Tommie brought my family into the world of football this year – pics here. its a game I never understood and therefore could not enjoy. once he started playing I set out to learn the game. in my usual manner I went to wikipedia and read about the rules, the goal and the player positions. it is honestly a fascinating game and I now am in love. a good coach understands that not one single plan will work to accomplish the goal of winning the game. why doesn’t one plan work? because chaos is present in the form of weather conditions, injuries, human error and the changing plays of the opposing team. without a chaos element, sports altogether would not exist do you understand that your purpose on this earth and the goals will never change – but the ‘plan’ is flexible. I’m a big proponent of challenging wrong ideas – if you are still reading this article, you may receive Hope. life is complex, people do weird things. words may have been spoken over you – you may have thought God has a set plan for your life. I encourage you to change your thinking. Hope comes when you realize that He has a purpose for you and that the chaos of life – even your own goofy decisions can’t change this purpose. Its never too late to turn around and seek Him. If a football team thought like most Christians they would either give up as soon as chaos entered or they would continue with their same static plan that doesn’t fit the chaos presented and lose the game. They will miss their purpose and waste their potential. a winning team realizes that there is not one single way to win the game – they adapt, run with the punches and find new paths to get them to their goal How many that have slipped away over the years would be interested if they realized there was a purpose, flexible steps and changing instruction to find only in God instead of a plan that had already failed thru life’s circumstances?

What Can You Do?

 let’s change our focus from a plan to asking God to show us our purpose. You will be miserable in life when you aren’t fulfilling your purpose. Your enemy knew all he had to do was derail you from this ‘plan’ and he could get you to give up and walk away. your future isn’t based on perfection but a heart set on going after your purpose. God does love you and has a purpose for you but there is not one single plan! Get Whole – spirit, soul and body! Aaron & Melanie Weinzierl