god-will-to-healGod’s Will to Heal

In Luke 5:12-13, the man with leprosy asked Jesus if He would heal him. Jesus responded by saying, “Of course I will. Be healed.” Everybody who ever went to Jesus to be healed was healed. And that healing, which was provided by grace, must be possessed by faith. In this series, your faith will be renewed as you are shown biblical reasons why we can be SURE that it is God’s will for EVERYONE to be healed.

Our classes take it a step further by looking into our lives for things stopping us from receiving God’s best. Just because God wants to heal you and just cause He is able to heal you doesn’t mean you will be healed. We always have a part to play and God will never go against His word – regardless of His will. Jesus said in Mark 11:26 that if you don’t forgive your neighbor, God the Father will not forgive you. Is forgiveness His will? Is forgiveness provided? The answer is YES! But you have a part to play.

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Above are 6 audio recordings from a 20 set series. Moore Life Ministry puts all their weekly recordings and sets on their site for free download. They also offer their CD & DVD sets free of charge at all their conferences and church services. We have chosen these teachings to help build your faith on the important topic of God’s Will toward healing.

Keith Moore is a traveling minister and has a thriving church in Missouri. He was a teacher for decades at the Bible school Pastors Aaron & Melanie attended in 1998-2000 before they returned to Grace Christian Church in Michigan. Keith Moore is a solid bible teacher that is able to break things down very simply and just show what God’s word says on certain issues. This ministry (getWhole) personally supports Moore Life Ministries on a monthly basis.

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