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As parents we face many challenges. We want the best for our kids but we find ourselves repeating the same negative patterns that stop our ability to speak into their lives. We are faced with feelings of overwhelming love for our children to sometimes wondering if we are destroying their lives.

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As you are completely stressed out in the day to day life of a parent remember, we will screw our kids up. Its inevitable. We aren’t perfect so calm down. There are answers and I believe this message can help. If our understanding of God is wrong in any area, it will affect our ability to parent. God is revealed to us as our Father. That word is a family term and it shows the role He plays in our lives as His children. We can’t see God but we think He exists.

How can we be good parents or grandparents if we have a wrong idea about our “model parent” God Himself? When we mess us daily, is God ticked off? Does He withhold approval of us as His sons and daughters when we defy Him? How does this all relate?

In this talk we will look at the following:

  • How God responds to our mistakes
  • Are we left alone to fend for ourselves in this life?
  • Does God turn His back on us when we go the wrong way in life?
  • In parenting is control the goal?
  • How can I work this out in my own home?

The video for this talk is at the top of this page and the audio is below.

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Aaron is married to Melanie & has 4 children. He grew up in a pastor's home & has been involved in the church his whole life. After years of dealing with allergies he finally found an answer. This organization was birthed out of his relentless search for health.

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