it would be crazy for anyone to think that the information shared here is something of direct revelation and inspiration given to us. we studied countless books, scriptures and attended seminars directly relating to this ministry. along with all of that is the years of growing up in a pastor’s home, attending a bible school and the influence of many ministries over the years. some people want to act like they only need the bible – while I believe the bible contains everything we need for life – its the ministry gifts given to all of us coupled with the Holy Spirit that bring it to life and open our eyes to specifics at the right time.

thomaston-trip-010Aaron & Dr. Henry Wright – pics from Aaron’s Trip
when I got out of bible school I thought I had to hear directly from God on every message and then I realized things that other’s have taught, as long as they line up with scripture – this can be used as a launching pad. I like to say it like this – no one has ever really come up with an idea on their own – there’s always something they learned or saw from someone else previously that brought them along – then the Holy Spirit is able to teach them.

there’s so much to tell and in class I open up with my personal testimony – but for now I want you to know that Pastor Henry W. Wright’s book A More Excellent Way and seminar in Georgia called “For My Life“, his many books, audios, etc all from Be In Health Global have helped us to bring you this ministry. We fully endorse this ministry and the many things they offer – I encourage anyone and everyone that is interested in learning and allowing the Holy Spirit to fix them up to attend any of their classes so that you can also say I Am Changed!

its also important to state that the ministry Be In Health Global does not support or oversee this ministry in any way – Get Whole operates as a ministry under the guidance and legal umbrella of Grace Christian Church in Sterling Heights, MI – a non denominational church & registered non-profit corporation 501c3 and is subject to the senior pastor and the board of trustees.

Links to Their Ministry: Be In Health Global | I Am Changed