Spirit’s Role to Blessing or the Curse

it is important in your life to realize that things happen for a reason – some people see life as random string of events happening in a vacuum – the truth is that things do happen for a reason. we have choices and decisions that can interrupt the course of our lives – but have you ever felt that there was something else, something beyond what you can see or feel? the bible actually talks about exactly this thing – blessing and curses are mentioned over 650 times in the bible – in the new testament and the old.

this message is not an exhaustive study of blessing and curses. instead we touch on a few subjects lightly to bring the attendee to a place where they see the way the spirit world seeks to bring us toward a blessing or a curse thru obedience, our role as representatives of God on this earth and the power provided in salvation to not only forgive sins but break the power of the curse or evil in our lives.

If you think that accepting Jesus’ blood takes care of the power of evil in your life and you aren’t willing to look at the curse drapes that you or your family are wrapped up in then this message isn’t for you. if, however, you are able to look at what the bible says and you can see it in your life then you will be able to make the decisions, appropriate the power that is available and walk out into the life God has called you to live.

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