Stop the Cycle Series

July 31 at 7p  |  Aug 3 at 6p, Aug 4 at 9&11a  |  Aug 7 at 7p

Life seems like a big huge mess of seemingly random happenings. You may find yourself at a calm point in life—or maybe things are a hair away from disaster. Whatever the case may be, the sooner you find out the truth the sooner you will see changes. The only way to stop the cycle of defeat is to be led by the one that knows everything. Things don’t always turn around instantly but they can and will turn.

Are you destined to win or lose? Has your future been fixed? Does God have you in the palm of his hand? What determines the outcome?

Stop the Cycle Part 1

Stop the Cycle Part 2

Stop the Cycle Part 3

All 3 Parts Audio Only

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