Happy Holidays 2015

Merry Christmas! Jesus came to save humanity not just get us to heaven. The Gospel is summed up in His name, Emanuel—God With Us. Turn off Fox News & go buy a single mom some groceries. Quit reading your huge bible in the lunchroom and invite the atheist out for drinks

Your Creator Wants You Whole

I grew up in a church that taught it was never God's purpose or will for humanity to be diseased. I knew all the scriptures that said healing was part of what Jesus came to bring in His death, burial and resurrection. Knowing God's word on healing and even believing it wasn't helping me out in my chronic allergic state. There had to be something more. Out of this search for answers was birthed a class we now offer called Course 1 by Get Whole. We take a weekend and teach through 20 lessons in just over twenty hours. Over one thousand people have come through in the last couple years and we've seen great success.

When We Talk About Prayer

When We Talk About Prayer the subject of prayer is nothing new – its built into just about every religion Prayer is generally understood as the function used to make contact with a higher power – something beyond ourselves. Prayer has been attributed to physical health and mental wellbeing. I grew up as a Christian and so prayer has always been common in my life. Praying has never been something I’ve enjoyed – its not that I loath it […]

When Storms Come

When Storms Come in life you have two, noninterchangeable actions that must be used if you are going to successfully navigate out of a storm...media below No one enjoys the storms of life - the bible is very clear that storms will come - its been said that to pray that you would never experience another storm would be to pray that you would just die. Now this isn't something people want to shout about [...]

Stop the Cycle

  Stop the Cycle Series July 31 at 7p  |  Aug 3 at 6p, Aug 4 at 9&11a  |  Aug 7 at 7p Life seems like a big huge mess of seemingly random happenings. You may find yourself at a calm point in life—or maybe things are a hair away from disaster. Whatever the case may be, the sooner you find out the truth the sooner you will see changes. The only way to [...]

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