Heart Connection Parenting

As parents we face many challenges. We want the best for our kids but we find ourselves repeating the same negative patterns that stop our ability to speak into their lives. We are faced with feelings of overwhelming love for our children to sometimes wondering if we are destroying their lives.As you are completely stressed out in the day to day life of a parent remember, we will screw our kids up. Its inevitable. We aren't perfect so calm down. There are answers and I believe this message can help. If our understanding of God is wrong in any area, it will affect our ability to parent. God is revealed to us as our Father. That word is a family term and it shows the role He plays in our lives as His children. We can't see God but we think He exists.

Your Creator Wants You Whole

I grew up in a church that taught it was never God's purpose or will for humanity to be diseased. I knew all the scriptures that said healing was part of what Jesus came to bring in His death, burial and resurrection. Knowing God's word on healing and even believing it wasn't helping me out in my chronic allergic state. There had to be something more. Out of this search for answers was birthed a class we now offer called Course 1 by Get Whole. We take a weekend and teach through 20 lessons in just over twenty hours. Over one thousand people have come through in the last couple years and we've seen great success.

The Marrow

The Marrow One of the most fascinating things for me in scripture is when something written thousands of years ago says exactly what has  beenproven over the recent decades - the state of your inner-self affects your physical body. Pastor Aaron will take you on a journey looking at the complex human being and show the love the Father has for not only our spirit and soul but also our bodies. Your body, in a [...]

Dichotomy Pt3 video

http://youtu.be/Ga16_1Pwz7Q Sermon Notes: goo.gl/dyREW Audio: http://snd.sc/W9Su2H

Dichotomy Pt2 video

http://youtu.be/-144eGAKX3w Sermon Notes: goo.gl/oOnQk Audio: http://snd.sc/OzSlpU

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