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Testimony – Course 1


Thank you for the amazing seminar. I found it personally freeing. I’ve  spent 2.5 years dedicated to Biblical studies, four years in complementary therapies and bachelors at MSU in animal science.  I could not figure out what was wrong with me. You unlocked a key fundamental belief & I was able to see the missing link. Thank you for your love and ministry that you obediently serve in.


This course was amazing in so many ways. I learned so much and was able to understand and grab hold of some things I didn’t completely understand before.  I am healed!!! I am also grateful for your faithfulness to Jesus Christ and His call on your lives!


Thank you so much for teaching this class! My husband and I received freedom in so many areas. One of the biggest was our attitudes towards our children. Now we are free to really enjoy them. We had so many “concerns” about raising them right that we forgot how to be true love bugs towards them. They are precious gifts from God to enjoy and love. There are many other things to tell but this was the biggest…freedom and peace to enjoy our children!


I just wanted to take the time to share my awesome news with you. At the end of April I attended your Get Whole class and I had been struggling to get pregnant for nearly a year. My sister said I truly want you to take this class with me so I didn’t object. Almost exactly a month from the class I am pregnant. It is very early but I just wanted to share my good news. I have been speaking the Lord and really doing much better with my religion. I feel it was meant to be for me to take this class so I can be more one with God and expose my children to his blessings and teachings! I see all of his wonderful works in my life and I am grateful I took the class. You two have opened my eyes and I appreciate it!!  [editor note: baby born healthy February 2014]


Thank you for the class last weekend.  It was very insightful, I am still processing all that you taught.  I would like to begin with my testimony.  I have not been eating gluten since the fall. I have been searching, cleansing, juicing anything to feel better, be better. I am not a victim of many maladies, I just like to be the best I can be and learn how to best nurture my family.  I am happy to say that I realize that was separating me from family and friends.  I was scared but went ahead and ate a cookie on Saturday (isn’t it silly that I was afraid to eat a cookie) and then ate the pasta for lunch on Sunday.  I did not have any adverse reactions!  Real pasta is so good!  Other pasta, rice pasta or anything else simply does not compare!!


I’ve been a Christian and in a great church for decades but so much I thought I understood became real during this class. I have been on blood pressure medication for years. You told us not to just stop taking medication but to work along side our doctors. Well after a few weeks I started to feel funny. I asked my doctor and he said to cut my pill in half. I did and a few week later I am now off my medication. Thank you! I’m bringing my whole family to this class. It’s life changing!


I took the three-day-express class in January and am taking it again February. It was that good. I have already seen breakthrough in areas I’ve dealt with for years. Others have noticed a peace in the middle of circumstances that would’ve previously worked me up for days. I used to struggle periodically with “tennis elbow” but would get the victory after hours of believing God. It began to attack again shortly after Get Whole, and after applying the truths from God’s Word learned in class, it was gone in minutes. I’m so thankful for God’s mercy in bringing this to Grace, and I’m super excited for the Church to walk in all that God has called her to be.


This class is amazing! Words cannot even begin to explain the freedom that I feel. I can live in forgiveness and can finally move on from people whom have hurt me.


Sometimes, I think God is a little bit sneaky and starts preparing for us, before we know we even need it. PA asked only days ago if I could help out Sunday A.M. I gladly said I could. God new already what the week had in store for me, new exactly what I was going to need. My point??? I’ve been through these classes twice, I’ve heard these teachings already…yet…I heard and received in a NEW, FRESH way that I needed TODAY. Gods timing is perfect, never late…just on time, His time. I was ready for the next level. Be encouraged in your growth, but never expect to think you are done. God reveals as you are ready to receive. He’s patient with our baby steps, and we need to be patient with ourselves on how fast/slow we can take it all in.


Get Whole was everything I expected it to be and so much more. Through the prompting of the Holy Spirit I started 2012 “taking care of me”. I felt God say “stop self protecting”. So, my journey of looking to God and taking Him at HIS began. I’ve lost 50lbs so far with very little effort this past year. Why? Because I looked to God and not to food. I didn’t realize that I was on a Get Whole journey at the beginning of this year but I’m ready to continue the journey in 2013.


How am I supposed to possibly put into words what I just learned at Get Whole?? My life had been completely transformed from the way I’ve lived the last 34 years. I truly feel born again. My new birthdate is the date of completing Get Whole: 01/19/14. You can tell that Aaron & Melanie have put so much time, effort and knowledge into what they love and are very good at: spreading the word. I will never be able to thank them enough.


Get Whole was MUCH more than I could have ever imagined!! I have spent many years not understanding why MOST people weren’t seeing the manifestation of Gods promise of emotional & physical healing! I knew 100% that Gods word can not turn void of power…SO WHY ARE CHRISTIAN PEOPLE DYING EVERYDAY OF SICKNESS AND DISEASE AND LIVING IN DEPRESSION?? This was VERY frustrating to me until I took this class! Get Whole to me was like a flood gate of knowledge was opened up that served as the “missing Piece” to receiving the health and wholeness that the blood of Christ provided us with! I now feel a sense of responsibility to tell EVERYONE I know about Get Whole so they too can laid hold of the abundant & peaceful life the children of God were created to have!! Thank you SO much Pastor Aaron & Melanie for your faithfulness to this ministry!!


What an amazing 13 week journey! When I started this class I went in with the attitude of being healed from an intense daily anxiety and panic attacks and I am ending the class probably 75-80% better. Did I get what I came for? Yes! Am I coming out with much more ? Absolutely! The things that I have learned and taken away from this class is life changing, mind changing and spirit changing. Everyone can benefit from this class.


This was amazing and the knowledge you get from this class. I have been given wonderful tools for spiritual battle and I have received freedom from the things that have kept me captive. Now it is up to me to walk this out every day and to forgive. Take this class you will see some awesome changes in your life and you will Get Whole.


This class is so eye opening. This class has allowed me to learn and grow in my faith and my relationship with God, and I have been healed of hypoglycemic, something I’ve had for many years! :). Thank God for putting it on Pastor Aaron’s heart to start these classes, it has been life changing for me, and how I view others…. I’ve become more of a love bug! :). I recommend everyone to take this class, it’s available to everyone! 🙂


Get Whole is a life changing experience that everyone needs to be a part of. The information given will get you thinking and you will see things about you that you have never seen before. The healing God has for all of us is ours, He has already provided it; its a done deal! Find out what has been blocking healing (whether emotional or physical) from taking place in you. And once healing has manifested; find out how to keep it! God’s perfect plan for us is complete wholeness; otherwise how can we be our best for Him and do what He has for us to do?


I have always been a woman of faith but God did not create me to be a chump. So when I took this class I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. I’ve always believed in divine healing but never really witnessed it in my own life. Until I took this class. It opened my eyes to the knowledge and authority that has been given to me by my heavenly father by virtue of my faith in His son. Not only was I personally healed of two things that I hadn’t even acknowledged were afflicting me, but my daughter experienced complete restoration of her heart from tachycardia while I was in the 13 week program. This is not new age. it is as ancient as God’s word because that’s who truly authored this eternal lesson. I really can’t explain how it works… It is just something you have to experience for yourself.