there is help for your diseasesince we began this class we’ve seen over 250 (450 by 12-2013) people come thru – they come because they are curious, desperate and interested to know that there may be an answer for the disease, sickness, chronic ailment or syndrome that they are dealing with. It has been so neat for our team to see this happen over and over again – people come in one way and leave completely different, filled with hope and answers.

after we finished one of our 3 Day Express sessions, we had not one or two but three separate people all come in and say what amounted to, “what happens in this class? the people coming out have a new sparkle in their eyes?” one person said, “is this the happy, sparkly eye class?” these were outsiders that knew nothing about the class but simply observed people leaving and looking different – when you work on the inside, it shows on the outside!

we’ve had severe (think hospitalization / death) peanut allergies completely vanish in children of attendees, others have been 100% healed of environmental allergies – they were on 4-5 medications and are now off all of them! we’ve had marriages restored, grieving people set free – the list goes on and on. one thing we hear a lot is people are sleeping thru the night for the first time in their lives.

There Is Help!

here’s the point – so many diseases come down to some very specific and simple root issues that you haven’t been taught to understand or deal with properly. what’s amazing is that once you are shown the possible roots and the enemy that is seeking to destroy humanity – its not a mystery. just this by itself gives brand new hope – THERE IS HELP! the next step is learning to deal with these root causes of disease. most people are masking their disease with pills or trying to heal their bodies with nutrition or herbs, etc – and others just want to have people pray for them all the time. there’s nothing necessarily wrong with those things but we are more interested in dealing with the root cause and seeing complete restoration and wholeness come to you!

for more information on who we are, what we are about and what we have to offer you can click the links below – our desire is to serve humanity – no matter what race, religion, background, etc – people are people and we all need help to live the lives we’ve been created to live!!!

Get Whole ~ Spirit, Soul & Body
Pastor Aaron & the staff of Get Whole

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