When Storms Come

in life you have two, noninterchangeable actions that must be used if you are going to successfully navigate out of a storm…media below

No one enjoys the storms of life – the bible is very clear that storms will come – its been said that to pray that you would never experience another storm would be to pray that you would just die.

Now this isn’t something people want to shout about – we like messages that pump us up and are exciting – there is a place for this but it can leave you with an idealistic way of thinking. consider this statement by Max Lucado,

Lower your expectation of earth. This isn’t heaven, so don’t expect it to be.

I think sometimes we miss the power and truth in Psalm 34:19, “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.” If you will come to grips with these two facts you will live a fulfilled life: troubles will come, God will deliver you.

I’ve been thru times in my life when things weren’t going the way I knew they should be going. If you don’t come to the realization that storms will come, you will beat yourself up thinking something is always wrong with you. Maybe there is something wrong with you – or maybe there isn’t.

There are two biblical reactions we are to have toward storms – this weekend at Grace we will look into both of them. I truly believe that most people get this wrong on a daily basis. I’m really excited to share this weekend!

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