When We Talk About Prayer

the subject of prayer is nothing new – its built into just about every religion

Prayer is generally understood as the function used to make contact with a higher power – something beyond ourselves. Prayer has been attributed to physical health and mental wellbeing. I grew up as a Christian and so prayer has always been common in my life. Praying has never been something I’ve enjoyed – its not that I loath it – I’ve just never been one to spend tons of time with it. To many of us Prayer is an event – something you stop what you are doing and do. Its a limited concept.

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When we talk about prayer we hear people say, “I need to go before the throne” or other similar variations. And so I was thinking about this whole throne experience / idea and wondered if it should be challenged. The first part of this talk looks at the belief that God sits on a throne in heaven. The second part gives an introduction into a form of prayer that starts with the assumption that God still speaks and that we are supposed to hear Him.

JOB 33:13-14 NIV
 Why do you complain to him that He responds to no one’s words?
 For God does speak—now one way, now another—though no one perceives it.

After you are finished with this message I encourage you to listen to this song “A Little Longer”. As you listen it will take you through common feelings we have as we approach the ‘God throne’ and offer ourselves to Him. Then just past three and a half minutes in the song, God responds back with what He really wants from us. You may be surprised at how gentle our Father is.


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